Our Services


From the Community to the Community

USU has collected donations from family, friends and partnering community organizations and go back to the very streets that we came from.  Always looking for ways to help those less fortunate and remembering we were once there.


Speaking and Educating Across the Country Breaking one Stigma at a Time

It doesn't matter if we are on our campus  or participating  and speaking at conferences across the nation, We are always educating  and proving to the world that we are not the monsters that so many claim us to be . That sharing our stories not only educates our audiences but empowers us so that our healing can begin.


Safe Space and Family

USU takes pride in providing a safe space where we can share our cares and concerns openly. In doing so we have been able to create a family atmosphere where we laugh, hug and yes even cry and occasionally get some really good meals to go along with it. Sharing holidays, birthdays and other milestones together.